A young couple out of Illinois, overnights in the BAY WINDOW room.

You know the couples you see on the exercise equipment ad, these 2 looked that strong. Extremely polite as Well. The type I would, if in a hurry not hesitate to toss my keys, tell them to lock up when they leave and get in my truck and go!

They didn’t actively pursue the spirits that live here. I got the impression they knew it wasn’t necessary. If you’re truly ready they will come to you. Especially if you’re walking in with a history of contact with the paranormal. Such was the case.

They didn’t try to connect, in my conversation the next morning I got the impression they were not rushing the experience-smart move!

Often we have teams come here, that talk to much. Relying on the electronic gadgets to much. And when this artificial gadget driven effort backfires, they still won’t get it. But this couple had it right, be real, genuine and wait.

The gentleman went into Annabel’s suite alone and he said he instantly knew he wasn’t welcome. You know when you enter your kids room uninvited?

They had the K2’s pegging to red, even as I was checking them in, the K2 meter started lighting up. On the table 2 feet from us.

The gentleman stated that he awoke to something small sitting on him, as they lay in bed.

They said they could hear the sound of a small person running across the empty attic above them.

They also heard the sound of the chairs moving above in the attic.

Keep in mind, they had the entire floor to themselves.

When the gentleman turned over on his side, he said it felt like a little kid playfully slapped him on the ankle.

They said they never felt scared or threatened. More like a young child couldn’t sleep therefore the child was trying to get his attention.

The cat once again acted apprehensive, then friendly. It doesn’t like to be in close quarters with the spirits.

They said they had a great nights sleep. I always ask!

I hope we see them again. They are going to always be welcome here.

😊 We noticed the white shape in front of the dungeon room door in the photo they shared?

Last night a guest went to the attic alone. He saw the shadow that I saw once. Huge guy, like 300lbs., shadow shaped like a man walking thru the attic.

The guests in #1 said they heard something drop, yet when they searched for the item nothing.

When the entire group was in their separate bedrooms, they all heard loud noises, furniture moving, and footsteps above in the attic.

Busy night at the hotel.

3 of us ghost hunting. No large groups. No BS. The house rules!

We had KII up to yellow in the bay window room, attic & basement.

We used mag lights in the bay window room, attic & basement. Never gets old, watching flashlight turn on and off on its own.

Saw a shadow in the attic.

Tour guides sister was touched across her back.

In the basement 2 mag lights were used, one red, one blue. The red one was turning on & off answering our questions until we asked “can you turn on the blue flashlight?”, then the spirit used the blue one for communication.

We also used dowsing rods & a pendulum.

The questions we asked led us to believe the spirit was a man, he was the only spirit in the room with us.

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