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They encountered the "walking" shadows on all floors!

It was a blistery cold night, ice storms, freezing temperatures. they said that they would be here by 6:30 after 8pm we started to get concerned. But then they pulled up.

The walking tour was uneventful. I left them to explore on their own. It was obvious I was just slowing them down. They were ready to go it alone.

We never heard them moving about, and we had no paranormal activity on the 1st floor.

When we spoke, they conveyed it was an active night. Specifically shadows seen moving about. They encountered the shadows on all floors. That's unusual for here, usually the shadow people are in the basement or on rare occasion the attic.

One thing that strikes me as interesting, is how calm these 2 thrill seekers were. My gut feeling is these two have been experiencing this kind of thing their entire life.

I’ll post what they share with us ASAP!!!

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