Confession from young man that was touched, here is why he was…4 times.

The actual events, my son and his friend were sitting in chairs in the room above the cistern. They were using a mag light to communicate with the spirits. My son asked “do you have a son?” The mag light turned on for yes. His friend remarked under his breath “I’ll beat his ***!” The mag light immediately turned off and the friend said one side of his neck had a burning sensation. They turned their flashlights on to discover a scratch down the side of the friend’s neck about 4 inches long. By the time the boys retrieved me from the attic the scratch welted. I locked up the room and asked ‘whoever’ had scratched to stay in the room. My request was denied. The boy with the scratch and the wise tongue was followed throughout the house for the rest of the night and received three more scratches on his body. The second scratch was received on the second floor down the middle of his back. The third was in the dining room on his left leg and the fourth in the piano room on his arm while using the dowsing/divining rods. I always warn my tour groups do not provoke, do not state anything derogatory! My fellow tour guides husband has also been scratched on separate occasions for his misbehavior in the hotel. Simply put, the spirits defend themselves and their home

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