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When the group came in the room they told me the mug in the “locked” glass cabinet had started swing

K2’s going off/on to response to questions in attic. Dowsing rods responding to questions in attic. K2 going off in first floor bay window room, one of the girls was using her phone to take pictures, it started to take pictures by itself. She even turned the phone off, it came back on and it started taking pictures again. The flashlight was going on/off in the 1st floor bay window room too, then the flashlight rolled across the floor. Went down in the basement. The flashlight was going on/off in slave room. The camera turned off and would not work in slave room worked fine once we moved into the fireplace room. Again the flashlight rolled while on fireplace, came on/off. The same girls camera began to take pictures on its own again.

8 pm-10 pm

Once this group was settled in the group felt several spots that were “freezing cold”. In Room #4 we were using the spirit box and heard the word “hurt”. There was one person that had complained of a pain in their back before this was said. There was also k2 and flashlight activity on/off in room #4. When we moved to the attic the k2 and flashlight activity continue we also received two more words on the spirit box “12” and “remain”. On the second floor myself and one of the group felt pain in the back of our heads near our necks until we left that floor. On the second floor there was a lot of flashlight activity and the dowsing rods were moving in response to questions.

10 pm-12 am

This group had a couple skeptics which made it even more interesting….the k2’s were going on/off throughout the tour. When we reached the attic the k2 and the flashlights were both going on/off, also one of the guys had a phone that started taking pictures by itself like what had happened in the 6-8 pm tour group. One of the skeptics was friends with this guy and took his phone and tried to figure out it was happening. He could not. As we moved back downstairs the flashlight was going on/off in the little girls room in response to questions and singing nursery rhymes. I went into the piano room to get the dowsing rods, one of the skeptics from the group was with me. We noticed that the ladder that had been sitting open was now folded shut and leaning against the wall. The cards that had been sitting on top were scattered on the floor. He asked me if I had done it, I said “no” you have seen me, I have been with you the whole time. He then went off to tell the rest of the group. When the group came in the room they told me the mug in the cabinet had started swinging while they were standing there. Again no explanation. We moved into the dining room where we had k2, flashlight and dowsing rod activity. A couple people went into room #4 and had k2 activity but that was all. The group decide to end in the basement. While we were down there and talking about what had happened the flashlight went on/off, the guys phone stated taking pictures again and we all heard something fall in the corner of the room by the piles of firewood.

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