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Saturday 6 6 15, ball moving on it's own again!

Attic-group saw ball rocking back and forth, K2 activity, when they turned on recorder all the activity stopped when they turned the recorder off the activity would start again, there was a picture taken that was very foggy/mist, balcony area was very active with K2

1st floor-picture taken with a large orb in center, had activity on K2, flashlights, and dowsing rods, one of the guys couldn’t stand when he went into room #4, another person felt like they had walked into cobwebs in room #4 but there wasn’t any in there. This is now room #2, and is the room known for the prostiture that hides and resides herer.

2nd floor-in little room on left K2 kept time to twinkle, twinkle little star then went crazy lighting at the end like clapping or excitement, K2 response to questions on this floor, picture of guy holding K2, can see K2 light but guy is blacked out like something is standing in between him and K2, couple asking questions with flashlight, asked if wife should leave flashlight came on, wife left, husband was able to ask questions and get responses on flashlight, dowsing rods working on this floor to respond to questions, one guy thought he felt bug while holding dowsing rods, checked-no bug but rods responded that it was them not bug

Basement-lots of flashlight activity in slave room, one guy felt energy like someone standing in his face, felt cobwebs, elbows tingling on one lady. Flashlights turning on and off, on demandf when wer moved at least 10 feet away from them.

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