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Negative gets negative!

“Basement-flashlight responding to questions in slave room area”. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HERE, STAY AWAY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This group was having lots of K2 activity until the last two people from the group showed up (they were about 40 minutes late and the women was a skeptic and negative about doing tour) almost all the activity stopped until the couple left, then activity picked back up so I let the group stay and extra hour with out the negativity.

Attic-K2 and flashlight activity around toys

1st floor-one person felt like they were touched, had K2 and dowsing rod activity, flashlight going on and off, one women had crystal and was getting activity on it

2nd floor-some K2 but really nothing else on this floor

Basement-flashlight responding to questions in slave room area

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