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He felt something, “pass thru his body”. And other weirdness, this night...

8-10 pm (6 people)

It took almost an hour to get any activity started. I was really asking over and over just give us a K2 flash or a flashlight coming on. Then once the activity started it was really strong.

Attic-light almost dizzy feeling by a couple people, phone vibrated in one persons hoodie but when they checked they had no service and no calls/text on phone. Phones not working right, lens foggy when trying to take pictures.

First floor-dowsing rods answering questions and giving hugs, K2 flashing up to red, one of the guys was standing by case watching K2’s when he got a chill, he said it felt like something went through him, the flashlight was randomly coming on and off of display case while we were talking, one of the girls felt like her necklace was pulled backwards, kind of chocking her in room #4 at the same time she became very chilled.

Second floor-when two of the guys tried to go down the hallway they felt unwelcome, they couldn’t step much past the landing to the steps without being overwhelmed that they were not wanted in that area, one of them felt like his knees buckled and very heavy feeling. The rest of the group went up and went down hall, it had a very heavy feeling. When we returned to the first floor the one guy continued to watch up the stairs, felt threatened by whatever was up there.

Basement-flashlight going on/off in response to questions. Heard loud metal sound coming from basement while on first floor. Sounded like someone moved something in cistern room but it was closed.

10:30-12:30 (4 people)

Attic-no activity

First floor-the K2 continued off and on after the first group left but this group didn’t really get any good activity once the first group left glad they saw how active it was with earlier group

Second floor- no activity

Basement-a few times the flashlight going

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