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A lot can happen in 2 hrs, as this report reflects….

  • 10pm group The most activity for this group happened on the first floor and in the cistern room.

  • Two different flashlights that were placed on the dining room table were going on and off while the group was in the room talking.

  • One of the girls felt like her necklace was being touched or pulled throughout the hotel. She later had her arm touched while she was sitting on the couch in the dinning room.

  • Two of the girls and one of the guys went into room 4, they were getting k2 responses, then the k2 stopped and when they asked if they should leave the room the k2 responded again, so they left the room.

  • Then the same two girls went to the cistern room where the guys were getting responses on a flashlight. They stayed and watched for a while then the girls asked if they should leave, the flashlight came on as a yes, so once again they left the area.

  • They went to the attic and were singing nursery rhymes and were getting the k2 to respond to the singing.

  • While the flashlight was going on and off in the dinning room they also had the dosing rods out. The dosing rods were moving and pointing to people around the room. Several of the group held the rods and had them answer questions or move the way they asked.

  • One of the girls felt like her leg was cold while doing the dosing rods and then later she felt like someone was touching her hair.

  • The guys were in the basement having the flashlight go on and off to questions, they had asked and had gotten a response that they were talking to someone named Charlie. Near the end of them asking questions they said the basement had gotten a different feel to it.

  • They said right before that Wyatt was dumped out of his chair. The guys all heard the chair hit the floor after it lifted. Twice during the night Wyatt had asked if I had called him and I said no, he said he heard his name but then when he looked no one was there

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