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10pm-12am: “We all heard a girls laugh while in the yard, at the swings”.

  • Some of the windows were open since it was hot so, the first thing I asked this group since they were just outside, did any of them laugh, and they said no but we just heard someone laugh a few minutes ago, they though it was also a girl and that it came from by the tire swings.

  • In this group I had a mom and her two adult daughters and one of the construction workers that has been staying and working on the hotel. As I started telling the history of the hotel the mom felt like something touched the top of her head.

  • Again as we walked through the hotel the k2’s were lighting in several areas. In the cistern room as soon as I put the k2 in the chair that wyatt was dumped out of it went to red and held red while I talked about what happened.

  • When we were on the second floor the k2’s were lighting and then the guy said he felt like something just went through him. We moved to the attic and the k2 and flashlight were both going on and off. We all heard a girls laugh while in the attic. At this point I told them they could go where they wanted in the hotel, the guy left and doesn’t sleep in the hotel anymore. He since left, and returned to Texas

  • As we moved down to the second floor. They were asking questions and heard a noise in the 2nd bay window room, they thought it was from outside and when they asked the k2 lit yes for being outside and making the noise. Then the girls had a conversation with the flashlight turning off, and on in response to questioning with someone in the middle room.

  • Next, we moved to the first floor to room #4. I showed them how to do the dousing rods. The mom took them first, she was asking questions and getting quick responses, then all the sudden she was just overwhelmed with sadness, she started to cry and couldn’t even speak, her daughter asked if she was ok she just shook her head, then her daughter asked if she wanted her to take the rods, again she shook her head. Her daughter took the rods and began asking questions, still getting answers. Finally a few minutes later the mom said, I don’t know what just happened I was just so sad.

  • While the daughter was using the rods she said that she felt like the hair was standing on the back of her neck. We had a little more k2 activity in the piano room then it was time for them to go.

  • Something kept grabbing one persons butt, and when a man in the group said to stop it, he says something pushed him not hard but a push from behind yet no one was behind him. He left the building.

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