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“She then told me there is a shadow in that room and it is pacing back and forth blocking the outsid

Sitting in the dining room discussing the building history we all heard shuffling coming from the back of the house same floor.

Basement – heard a male voice on digital recorder, cannot understand what he said, it was one word. Mind you I have the same male voice again from the basement on the Sunday night tour.

1st floor bay window room – a light bang/knock was heard by everyone from across the hall. As we continued through each room we heard this noise again while in room #4. This noise was in the house!

2nd floor bay window room – several K2 flashes up to yellow and red. This continued into the next room. We were being followed.

Across the hall one woman stayed back to take pictures while we walked down the hall toward the front of the house. She felt very uncomfortable when her K2 lit and held at red. She quickly caught up with the group.

Attic – K2 immidiately upon entry to the attic K2 meters were flashing up to red and continued to flash. Again the group heard another bang come from downstairs. One guest asked the spirit in the attic to flash the K2 meter for the number of their age, the K2 flashed 5 times. Two mag lights were set up and again we heard a bang in the house. This was the third for the night, we were 45 minutes into the tour. Mag lights turned on and off when asked. Anna came up on the ovulus. Someone asked do you want us to call you Anna? K2 started flashing up to red. Keith felt a pinch on his finger, at the same time he felt this his K2 was flashing to orange.

The group split up and the following was reported:

Piano Room – mag light turning on and off responding to questions.

Dining Room – dowsing rods used by two guests that have never used them. Rods kept pointing to my oldest son who has never been on a ghost tour/hunt in his life. He tried the rods and they crossed and uncrossed for questions asked. While we were doing this a guest across the room face was white, eyes big as plates and voice very shaky asked if there is a tree or something in the yard outside the bay window room. I told her no and asked why? She then told me there is a shadow in that room and it is pacing back and forth blocking the outside window light. It just keeps pacing. Keith and I immediately went into the room and it was gone. Once everyone decided to join us on the shadow hunt we were getting K2 flashes up to yellow.

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