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•A female voice heard whispering 3 words which came from the hallway

  • K2 hits in the piano room while waiting for the group to arrive. Started tour in the basement, we received K2 hits walking through each floor. Exiting the attic felt a freezing cold at the bottom of the steps on the 2nd floor and K2 meters lighting up to orange.

  • Demonstrated how to use the dowsing rods on the deck for the group. While doing so the rods crossed when asked are you a man?

  • The guests split up into 2 groups and spent 15 minutes on exploring each floor rotating to the next. After the 15 minute rotation, they were free to roam and hunt anywhere in the building. The following was reported:

  • Basement/Slave quarters– mag lights turning on and off responding to questions.

  • Piano room – several different K2 hits throughout the night.

  • Dining room – mag light turning on and off answering questions, dowsing rods crossing and pushing apart answering questions.

  • 1st floor/Room #4 – dowsing rods used here crossing and pushing apart plus K2 hits up to red, one guest said she felt sick to her stomach and was fine after leaving the room.

  • 2nd floor bay window room – K2 hits after sitting in this room a while, as if someone entered via the doorway then proceeded around the room checking each of us out.

  • Also a female voice heard whispering 3 words which came from the hallway. (2 people were a floor above in the attic, I asked if they had just whispered and they said no).

  • The sound of a man clearing his throat was also heard on this floor toward the front of the house, no group guests were occupying the area at the time the sound was heard.

  • Attic – a female child’s voice was heard, but what she said could not be understood. K2 hits up to red several times through the night. When asked “do you want us to bring the bubble gun up here and blow some bubbles?” the mag light immediately turned on very bright. I sent a group of girls up to the attic with the gun and they reported the K2 meters were flashing constantly up to red, while shooting bubbles.

  • One female guest said it felt like something brushed the back of her neck, she was standing still and walked away from the spot she was in. We shined our flashlights for bugs, no bugs found.

  • Another male guest felt something tap the top of his head while sitting on the floor. Then 3 more taps on the top of his head. He took his hat off thinking a bug got inside his hat, no bug! Put his hat back on and tapped 2 more times. He said before this tapping had started he had taken a piece of hard candy out of his pocket. I guess the spirit in the attic wanted him to share!

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