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Birthday Party for brave young ladies!

I recently went on a tour , and I want to tell you all about it.

First we learned the history, I knew most of it because I researched the Hotel.

When we went into the slave room we set out four little flashlights to talk to the ghosts. We asked them how many there were, they said there was two of them, a girl and a boy. I got scared when they first turned the flashlights on, I wasn’t expecting it to actually work.

This was my very first haunted place I’ve been too.

I learned that the slaves were treated poorly, were lonely, and liked pizza. When we were going to go explore the rest of the house I asked “Turn on the flashlights if we can leave.” They would not turn on the lights. They really didn't want us to leave. My friend Maddie was the last one out and she told me that when she walking out the lights just kept going on and off fast.

My other friend Eva, she’s a nonbeliever, said that she couldn’t explain the flashlights going on and off so, she believed in that.

After we left the slave room we visited the first floor and learned about it. When we were going to leave in the next thirty minutes we were playing with the Dowsing Rods while my mom and Dad went and explored the first floor. They were going into a room and my dad got in first and he got his head/ hair played with.

He just had a face on him like he was just touched by something that wasn’t there.

In the Attic my mom heard her name called just above a whisper and only she heard it and none of us called her. We couldn’t figure out what it was.

The Dowsing Rods we used to talk to Pearl, Eva got to hold them and they moved a lot for her, we think so Pearl could show her that ghosts are real.

Thank you so much for the tour, I really want to go back in April for the bed and breakfast.

I’m so excited, thanks. From, "A"

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