Strange story found in the archives!

If you remove the numbers off of any of the doors, yea I would say around 3:00AM the door would open slowly and there would be someone standing there.

I have wondered about the old hotel for years. i lived there when I was 15 until 18, I am 44 now and this older couple named the Waltermans use to own it an allow whomever needed a place to rent a room from them.

When you first walk in the Side door I guess you would call it, Not where the old post office use to be, when you go in the Hallway to your left buy the living room and bathroom we could hardly walk down that hallway with out feeling like it was cobwebs on our faces and arms or else Little children would pull on our shirts or dresses, trying to get our attention.



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1st let me explain the bedrooms, and how we sleep in this creepy place! My son, 3 dogs, 3 cats all sleep directly below the "Grumpy mans room", on the first floor. I get up at 3, and I'm not exactly a

Saturday 11/21 8pm Tour!

1 woman's hair was being touched in the Attic, she reluctantly entered the Crabby Mans room and conveyed she was immediately stricken with severe sadness-which vanished upon leaving the bedroom. Anoth

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