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Group of 10 visitors, 2 hrs inside...three of us heard a very loud whisper say “I don’t think you ar

  • After entering the fireplace room in the basement, the group heard talking coming from 1st floor, no one was up there.

  • Heading back up to the 1st floor the last person up the steps heard footsteps behind her. She stopped and turned around to have her K2 spike up to red and hold at red. This continued into the bay window room.

  • K2 hits in room #4 when we had the men step into the next room. Continued to receive K2 hits talking to Vi. One guest asked “do you want us to go away?” “AWAY” captured on digital recorder.

  • Upon entry to the 2nd floor one guest stopped at the top of the staircase and started to cry while also receiving K2 hits. She said she was overwhelmed with sadness.

  • Orange K2 hits in the suspended bed bedroom

  • K2 flashes up to red in the attic.

  • The group spilt up to explore, a group of four were a little late and missed seeing the basement in the beginning of the tour so I took them there. We had mag light turn on and off in the slave quarters responding to questions.

  • More strong K2 hits up to red and holding on the second floor.

  • The entire group went up in the attic and one guest volunteered to read Annabelle The 3 Little Pigs. We received K2 hits and also mag light responses during the story.

  • 1st floor room #4, a male guest using dowsing rods had the rods slowly move back and touch his shoulders. His eyes became the size of baseballs when this happened, the group was impressed by the dowsing rods.

  • Four of us were sitting in the dining room, while four were in the slave quarters and two others were taking a break outside. We were using the dowsing rods and three of us heard a very loud whisper say “I don’t think you are really here!” come from the kitchen area. The girl standing in the kitchen came out and sat on the gold couch, while sitting there her right earring was tugged on. Her hair was pulled back so it wasn’t caught on her hair. She was ready to leave after this happened!

  • We heard a noise from the 2nd floor big bedroom. It sounded like something was dropped to the floor. No one was up there, we were all still sitting in the dining room.

  • My sister and I had not played the piano yet on this tour and decided to play a few tunes before it was time to go. We received K2 hits flashing up to red while playing.


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