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Suite #3, trim carpentry turns creepy!

I let an unknown person, in the company of a seasoned carpenter go in to assist not cut, just to install nothing but assist. Later I learned that this man butchered the window trim, total of 4 windows. I'm going in today, to rip out everything he touched!

But here's the fun part. In the past when people listen to hard rock, and especially heavy metal. They get physically engaged, the resident spirits, "Hate that crap"! Guess what he had cranked up, heavy metal.

For 2 hrs, they had something punching the ladder, tapping the soles of their shoes while on the ladder. My personal favorite, when the carpenter sat down, he said something sat down right next to him.

It finally knocked the butcher, off the ladder. I think the grumpy ghost in #6 directly above this room, saw the poor craftsmanship, and intervened.

I love my ghosts!

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