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Carpentry father/daughter team yesterday morning got a surprise.

Joe, Mary

Joe is the classic example of a master carpenter, everything he does is with care, precision, basically 35 yrs of skill. His 16 yr old daughter is learning, by doing.

Yesterday morning as they worked on the big deck, from inside-3 loud knocks, doors slamming, popping noises.We noticed this damage the next day.

They looked like they couldn't really understand what just happened. I guess Joe thought it was all BS the ghost stories-well he's past that point, now he will be more alert to what's happening in the building.

It will be interesting to see what the spirits do next to get his attention.

Mary said her extension cord keeps unplugging, and she can't see how. Same thing Myles the painter said last month.

I think this father/daughter team is just starting to get the attention of the resident spirits.

I'll keep my eye on these 2, so when they looked spooked again-I can interview them.

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