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It’s been a week since we moved here.

My son loves the big building, he rides his scooter down the hall and thru the kitchen.

My wife likes the quite, the spacious rooms, and the fact that at night looking out the bay window you see stars not the lights from cars. And the roar of the river nearby is very nice background noise.

So far no encounters, the family reports all quite so far. But the conversation is where we think the creepy ones are. Basement always wins!

Yesterday alone in the building, in the 2nd floor office, I have to mention something. The computer mouse was moving the arrow on the screen but doing so with out me actually moving the mouse. I took my hands off, it was on auto pilot, solution. I turned it off. I was able to regain manual control. At first I thought nothing of it, I’m about to go see if it happens again. I didn’t mention this to the family.

The best part is everyone is sleeping great, except the cats. They are on edge, especially at the top of the basement staircase.

We are looking forward to our future house quests, and what they experience sleeping upstairs.

We’ve been preparing 3 rooms upstairs for up to 6 guests.

We plan to open the door by April 2020!

I still insist I will not ghost hunt, I’m not sure I want to hear what happens, to those that do.


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