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It looked like a one foot lightening bolt or a part of an iridescent outline. Video attached below!

My husband and I were up in the attic alone around 8:30 pm. I had the EMF detector and he had his phone.

We stayed several feet apart so that his phone would not interfere. At first we had no readings. I sat on the floor playing with the ball, asking if anyone wanted to play with me. My husband was at the end of the attic taking pictures.

As he was doing that a small bright wisp of a line appeared, very momentarily and then just as quickly disappeared. It looked like a one foot lightening bolt or a part of an iridescent outline.

It appeared about 3 feet in front of my husband but since he was looking through his phone, he did not see it. He did capture some orbs, however.

At that point I came closer putting the EMF detector on the floor in front of the bed that’s laying on the floor. It started flickering and showing readings up to yellow off and on.

Multiple times. What we didn’t know until later is the last video he took right before the EMF started having readings showed a white mist. We didn’t see ANYTHING with our eyes and didn’t know it was there. It looks almost like smoke, but moved different and was passing by him towards where the EMF was but we didn’t know and he had stopped the video recording. You’ll see it close to the end of the video.

Our other encounters were in our room for the night. We stayed in “Grumpy’s” .We had no activity. None. Placed the EMF in several places, multiple times. Talked, asked questions, Nada. Patrick had mentioned he tends to prefer women, known for telling men to leave and women they can stay. But we heard nothing and didn’t catch any orbs with pictures or video.

That night after my husband fell asleep (snoring and all), I felt pressure (like a cat’s paw) on each side of my blanket pressing it close to my throat. As soon as I swallowed (due to the pressure) it was gone. It didn’t feel ominous, it was more like someone leaning in to get a closer look. And as soon as my throat felt uncomfortable, it was gone.

Nothing else happened that night (that I know of, I fell asleep). The next morning I told my husband, who was skeptical. Keep in mind, we tried for a very long time the previous day and got nothing. The attic was where the action was.

We put the EMF detector on my pillow and sat on the chairs next to the bed. We weren’t engaging, just eating and talking to each other. My husband said “it’s going off!”, but as soon as I would look over, it would stop. This happened about 10 times over the course of 30 mins. Every time I looked over it would go back down, though I caught the tail end most of the time and the readings would spike up to Orange. We were thinking he was messing with me so we tested the theory. I went into the bathroom for 10-15 mins, leaving the EMF reader on my pillow. My husband said there were no readings the whole time, but as soon as I opened the door and came back in the room it went off again. Just until I looked over and it stopped again.

Nothing we experienced was negative. We felt calm and relaxed and truly enjoyed our experience. Our only regret was that we hadn’t booked another night to continue our adventure.

Thank you Pat and Rhea!!!

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Bonnie Vawter
Bonnie Vawter
Sep 04, 2021

Wow, that's a lot of orbs!

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