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Things started happening as soon as we pulled in.

We drove around the area before we met up with Patrick just to get a feel for the town.

We also stopped by the cemetery at the “Old Baptist Church”, which is now another denomination. The rumor about Bertha Gifford being buried in this cemetery makes you wonder – her headstone is even placed oddly. Anyway, there are no other names related to the residents of Morse Mill Hotel that we found.

Our overnight stay was pretty eventful! Things started happening as soon as well pulled in.

The rocking chair on the private deck of the house starting rocking back and forth, but the wind was going the opposite direction. We asked Patrick if the chair was seen to do that before and he said no.

We took a walk through the house before settling in our room – as soon as we got into the interior rooms of the basement where the summer kitchen and the slaves quarters were the air was very heavy and oppressive. We went upstairs to the attic and felt the same.

Here’s a little timeline:

3:47 pm – My daughter went down to get bags, came up and the bedroom door felt like it was locked. There is no lock on the door. Lol Realized Annabelle is holding the door shut when you try to open it from the outside because she did it the next morning to the owner’s wife who was bringing up breakfast. She told us after we let her in that when they first put the door handles on that the keys disappeared. When they finally found them, none of them work now.

4:03 pm – Picked up K2 meter and “flashing ball” from basket in the hall. As soon as we walked into the bedroom with it and placed it on the bed, it hit 10mg (red light).

Flashed on and off constantly for several minutes.

4:19pm – Used “dowsing rods” to communicate. Started speaking with a female, unsure of age, etc yet.

4:26pm – continued to speak with spirit until after 5:00 pm This is what we found out: Rose is an 11 or 12 year old black female that lived in Morse Mill, but not the hotel. She was adamant that she was NOT a little girl, and she and her family were not slaves! She had parents that lived in the town and she went to school there as well. She did not know Annabelle in life, only after, and they play together often.

She also knows Edward. She said Annabelle was not with her at the time. We asked her if she knew who Bertha Gifford was and she said yes.

We did not ask anything more about Bertha. We asked if she was named after a flower, came to Rose where she answered yes on both.

My daughter was holding the divining rods during the conversation, and she felt chills on her body and a tingling sensation. We both felt very cold air in the room.

My daughter said, “Tonight is gonna be fun!” As she said that, the K2 meter shot up and flashed there for several seconds. 😊

Patrick happened to come by a short time after all this, and as we were telling him about her the meter kept flashing.

After Patrick left, we asked Rose if she would be willing to go get Annabelle. A few moments later we felt a presence, and it was Rose and Annabelle. We brought Annabelle a doll and she said she liked it. We asked if she has the same color hair as her new doll and she said yes.

I was sad that Annabelle said she misses her mom. She is happy where she is though.

8:45 pm – Came back to our room after being out and turned the K2 meter back one. It started going off after a few minutes while my daughter was in the shower. I asked if it was Rose and Annabelle, and it pegged to red. I also asked if Edward was with them and it pegged again for quite awhile. I let my daughter know that Edward was with us. She and Edward played for several minutes when we visited several years ago. She visited with all three of them while I got ready for the night. We laughed because we figured out that they wanted us to go play hide and seek with them, but the experience with Rose was pretty draining. The meter kept going off for several minutes! Lol They really wanted to play. We told them we would play the next morning. Finally had to turn the meter off because they would not quit touching it. 😊

12:15am – heard conversation in the hall, found out the next morning the other guests were not in the hall or the owners.

12:58am – heard heavy footsteps, like work boots walking down the hall, past our room and heard someone checking the door to make sure it was locked, then walk back. I asked Patrick the next morning if it was him, and he said no. I think it must be Grumpy checking on things for them.

5:15am - heard loud thud from downstairs. I assumed it was the owner’s wife starting breakfast, so fell back asleep. Found out later it was coming from the basement.

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Julie Chagnon
Julie Chagnon
Apr 28, 2021

Really cool! 🦋❤️

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