Bull whip, Jazz, and heavy footsteps. A saxophone playing? Very cool.

Updated: Jan 19

We seldom see overnight guests early on a Monday afternoon. But this young, sharp couple was staying the night.

I got the impression they fled the stress, and drama of St Louis 45 minutes away. No busy Freeway noise here.

The guests stayed in suite #2 Bay window suite, and moved about so quietly I checked to make sure everything was OK. Their car was still in front, no worries!

Visitors Notes

We have been told that the cat would leave the room as the K2 meter would start indicating energy. Then enter when the meter would stop. I've heard similar about a month ago, both in the bay window suite.

The sound of glasses hitting like when toasting at a party, in the area outside the bedroom but on the same floor..

The sound of a bullwhip. This is a new one. 14 years of tracking eyewitness accounts-never heard this.

Heavy footsteps above, in the empty attic. Walking boots, not high heels. Yes you can tell them apart...

Knocking on the bedroom door.

Jazz music from somewhere on the vacant 2nd floor. Awesome I like jazz.

A saxophone playing? Very cool.

We hope to see this couple again!

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