Again “Physical Contact”, and footsteps on upper floors?

July 10, 2017

Attic – We did receive responses to questions using K2 meters & dowsing rods for about 30 minutes.


Top of the staircase on the 2nd floor – 55 minutes into the tour one women felt  touched on her arm while taking a picture. It was if someone was trying to gain her attention.


Cistern – K2 hits while shuffling cards, when whiskey and dancing girls were talked about.  Also one guest sang some verses from an old song “Drunkard in the Town”, the K2’s lit up while she was singing.  The quests had recorded and played old fashioned piano music which the K2 meters responded to.  Dowsing rods responded to question “did you drink whiskey here?”


2nd Floor – all guests were on the 1st floor, dining room and hallway area when 4 footsteps were heard from upstairs.


1st floor Room #4 – responses to questions using K2 meters & dowsing rods.


1st floor end of hall – K2 meter lighting to red and holding.


1st floor room #3 – cold rush of air and chill felt by man standing in the room just inside the doorway, I was to his left and also felt the cold rush of air in front of me, the K2 meter was flashing up to red while pointed at the chair in front of us

so we set the K2 meter on the chair and it held at red.  It was like someone/thing walked through the doorway, in between us and sat in the chair that was in the middle of the room.  Windows were checked for any air leaks and none were found.

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