Saturday August 3rd, 5:00 pm – 2 am. Shadow people walking! Perfume following us.

August 12, 2019

Mag lights used in the slave quarters, turning on replying to questions. It's always fun to see a flashlight turn on n off by itself.


KII meter pegged to red at the bottom of the staircase in the fireplace room. At the same time a very sweet smell appeared out of nowhere. The basement smells like “a basement”.There were only three of us walking through the hotel, two women, one man and one sweet smelling spirit. As we made our way up the staircase the KII meters pegged again. We guessed she was going to accompany us on the tour.


The second floor in the hallway, on the right, the meters pegged again and the sweet smell returned and disappeared repeatedly throughout our walk.


We completed our walk through the building and the guests wanted to head back to the basement. KII meters, Rem Pod, Dowsing Rods and maglights in tow! We sat in the fireplace room for a while. The dowsing rods and maglights worked well in the fireplace room. The guests wanted to go back in the slave quarters where earlier the lights were very active.


This time I set two on the block on the floor. Both were turning on & off when a question was asked and did not shut off until asked. The rem pod was in the fireplace room, we brought it into the slave quarters and set it on the block. The maglights continued however, not a peep from the rem pod…...until I asked!! I pleaded “please just one time” and as it beeped one of the four lights came on! We sparked someone’s interest, the rem pod continued not in any type of pattern and even switched from the green light to the blue.


7pm an investigation team came in. They began in the basement fireplace room. I stayed in the piano room. I could hear them asking questions when one of the men said shockingly “I just saw a shadow of a person walk by the window!” No one was outside. I used my dowsing rods while in the dining room, as I was doing so I heard “plastic” across the room. The piano is across the room covered in plastic. The sound was if someone bumped into the piano. I asked for them to come out and started taking pictures. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t capture anything.


One of the investigators reported hearing the sound of change jingling. Also dowsing rods used on each floor. They had rem pod pegs throughout the house too. I went with them in the attic, we sat quietly listening, recording and running a video camera. I am anxious to hear what they may have captured.

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