The Owners

I've been told I need to be more transparent. I promise you this, I will never post a selfie! I will  keep this brief, to the point and painless!


My name is John Patrick Sheehan, I'm 59 . I live in the Hotel with my amazing wife Rhea(41). And my Son Louis(8), 3 cats, 3 dogs, 4 hermit crabs, 1 Russian Tortoise, and 1 Calcutta Tortoise. And 12 to 15 ghosts!


As for how I happened to acquire this property. I have always lived in very old buildings, and I have worked extensively with older buildings. I was driving by the building, it was rough but obviously built solid. It has been my experience that buildings will start falling apart within 20 years if not built well. 


I waited 4 months after I had the purchase under contract, to close to provide time to blueprint, and have a structural engineer review the building.. Apparently the Jefferson County building dept., was also waiting. The day I closed, the county had a man in a white jeep Cherokee  meet me at the building. Interesting how they knew. He was there to hand me the demolition order, basically they waited so I would be handed the bill for the demolition. I handed him the 82 page structural engineering report I had commissioned, prior to closing. I stopped the demolition of this building by 10 days. The only questionable area was basement staircase, which we fixed. Later we discovered load bearing walls that had to be reinstalled, but now it's done! Now Jefferson County is not an adversary, and I find the inspectors very knowledgeable, and friendly. No complaints!

Up till now I had never encountered ghosts! I just thought it looked like a perfect project, 14 yrs ago. I didn't learn about the ghosts till after I closed, and I received a call from the Travel Channel. They had a psychic out of Iowa contact me, to see the building. This is when it first started getting strange. 

Personally I have a unique relationship with death, that makes this place easy to handle. I've been to the ER, and transferred into the ICU on 3 occasions.  I've walked away from a total of 7 near death experiences. 

I joined the US Marines, because they offered a $5,000 bonus for signing up for 6 instead of 3 years. A one way ticket out of Eureka, and I got to pick my 1st duty station. I then proceeded to memorize the study guide for the ASVAB test. That turned out to be a smart move.  I was headed to the flight line, to work on the Harrier Jet.

Prior to entering the Marine Corps. San Diego Bootcamp on April 26, 1989, I acquired my pilot's license and started flying in preparation for the schooling I was about to be put thru. The majority of my flying was over the Wasatch mountains bordering Salt Lake City. Mountain flying is easy, if you follow the rules. Simple ones like don't climb up the face of a mountain, instead fly circles till your 2,000 above the mountain and fly over. 

January 7th, 1994 at 5:30 pm while in the US Marines, my 1st wife(24) and 2 1/2 yr old daughter were killed in a head on crash outside the main gate of US Marine Base Camp LeJeune NC. 19 days later I was in an accident that crushed my face, shattered my right eye. The US Navy approved a $380,000 emergency surgery, by a expert out of Boston. He just happened to be in the ER, saw me and discovered what the local staff missed-my face was shattered. 16 hrs.' of surgery, 3 titanium plates, 6 titanium screws. I walked out! This is the one trip to the ICU that they sent the priest. So compared to the physical, and emotional experiences of my past. There is nothing in this Hotel, that comes even close!

I recently had to shut down my construction company of 36 years, due to the early onset of Parkinson's. It's become impossible to provide the detailed oversight required to successfully run a remodeling project. Fortunately I've recognized this before the consequences of my condition did irreversible harm. I've got a few loose ends, but we are moving forward! This is why the Hotel ownership that I've invested everything in over the last 14 years is being sold! So I can focus on my son, my wife and our well being. This building is very unique, it's amazing to meet people in their 80's with personal stories. that connect them. Therefore I'm going to turn it over to let a new owner enjoy the property, and it's unique attributes! I have made sure it's ready.

Fortunately for everyone staying the night, my wife excels at being incredibly attentive, nice, taking care of her family, her guests, and all her animals, and working her magic in the kitchen. Having owned a thriving, and popular dining experience with her mother for many years. She is truly gifted, and when she is cooking (she prefers from scratch) it's always delicious. 

As for the spirits, it's not what Hollywood would have us believe. There is something moving about in the basement, and the upper floors it's true. But it's not evil; it's not really all that scary but there are more than 1, more like 12 to 15. The fact is they will usually not come near people, unless they are asked, truly we never call on them therefore they leave us alone. 

So we will take good care of you, feed you well and share our fun, interesting and unique home with you! Just don't ask us to hunt our resident spirits-no way!!! Tell us about it, at breakfast in the morning please.

Remember if it's a Birthday, Anniversary or any special occasion let us know. We will ensure it's a truly memorable experience!!!

Patrick, Rhea & Louis