His date couldn't make it.

But he did.

Friday night, the dowsing rods in the Bay Window room. They crossed to answer yes when I asked if the spirit of a women was in the room with me. I then asked “are you a man?” The rods pushed apart to answer no.

I then asked if the spirits name was Vi & the rods crossed again.

A test I do to insure the spirit is Vi , I ask her to cross the rods when I say her hair color, as always, she crossed when I said red. This is the prostitute from the 1st floor.

Attic- the mag light was very active turning on & off answering questions.

We believed we had more than one spirit with us. Using the spirit box we heard a couple different voices come through.

One guest heard footsteps of a child behind him.

Later we heard heavy footsteps, they sounded like they were coming up the steps & into the attic.

Slave quarters - mag light turning on & off responding to questions.

The rem pod was set in the floor & pegged beeping for quite a while. We also used the spirit box here & heard a man’s voice come through.

We finished the night in the crabby man’s room, the guide had an uneasy feeling in this room & became dizzy.

  • Landlord of the creepy!

The investigators had a camera aimed above The cistern in the basement. They came down from the piano room when they saw the light. Here’s what the camera caught.

It was a blistery cold night, ice storms, freezing temperatures. they said that they would be here by 6:30 after 8pm we started to get concerned. But then they pulled up.

The walking tour was uneventful. I left them to explore on their own. It was obvious I was just slowing them down. They were ready to go it alone.

We never heard them moving about, and we had no paranormal activity on the 1st floor.

The next morning at breakfast they conveyed it was an active night. Specifically shadows seen moving about. They encountered the shadows on all floors.

One thing that strikes me as interesting, is how calm these 2 thrill seekers were. My gut feeling is these two have been experiencing this kind of thing their entire life.

I’ll post what they share with us ASAP!!!

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