Original floors, no fake snap n go Pergo!!!

A Pre-Civil War House!

It's not typical to see a building this old, and with such an extensive investment in the renovations, up for sale.


HISTORY: The history begins in 1816, originally this land was held by the Spanish. The original deed was signed by President James Madison. The original register still exists. As does the original deed of sale.

INSPECTIONS: This building passed all inspections, and achieved the permit for occupancy in January 2020.

PARANORMAL: I bought the building with no knowledge of the paranormal. I don't chase, and or engage the ghosts, and they leave us alone. But for the last 12+ years we've been managing tours as well as permitting teams to come in. Teams are good because they don't need a guide, there's usually to 10 people, and they are well aware of the do's and don'ts.

THE 4.5+ ACRES: Sitting on the banks of the "Big River" below, on a gently rolling green lawn is the house. As well as a metal building 1,500 sq. ft equipped with a 200-amp underground service, 16ft entry door, sitting 500 feet from the house. And this section of the property also has its own well. 

FAMOUS VISITORS: The names of visitors you've heard of, Charles Lindbergh, Charlie Chaplin, Al Capone, Jesse James, Bertha Gifford, Betty Boop. Charlie Chaplin was busted chasing the very young girls(basically he acquired a reputation, of being a pervert!).. 

ORIGINALLY A FARMHOUSE: In 1816 a farmhouse was built, then expanded to the 4 story you see today just before the start of the Civil War. The new owner was a bridge builder, his skills are why this building stood for so long. This has been a Brothel, speak easy, Hotel, scene of multiple murders, as well as a single-family residence, today offering a very unique B&B experience.

THE RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Plenty of room for horses. Easy river access, for swimming fishing canoeing or kayaking. Camping, festivals.


BASEMENT: The ground floor walk out basement, is staged for expansion. 2 bathroom sewer lines, and water source are staged and ready. Also a 2nd kitchen , and 3rd laundry room. We designed the sewage treatment plant for expansion to 10 bathrooms, 3 laundry, and 2 kitchens.

1st floor is the main floor living room, kitchen, 2.5 baths, 2 bedrooms, a laundry.

2nd floor: is 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a laundry, and a library.

Attic: This floor has 2 walk out decks, 52 feet above the yard, with a view of the river. Extra bedroom.



A building with unique attributes. 



Water Well  --We have bored and installed a "cased" new well to a depth of 275 feet, this provides a steady 75 gallons per minute, to manage the pressure, and regulate it the system is equipped with a 500-gallon holding tank, to equalize pressure in the lines upon entry into the building.

Doors -All exterior doors are steel re enforced, as well as equipped with alarm sensors.


Windows -The windows are handmade wood interior Pella windows, stain grade wood inside, metal clad exterior. They are equipped with the micro fine screens. You can't see from inside, but outside looking in the obscure the visual of the interior. The best feature is the windows lay flat inwards, so cleaning is easy!

Kitchen -Stainless steel Bosch dishwasher, GE fridge, GE stove. Cabinets all have easy glide drawers, and hidden hinges.

Plumbing - The entire property has been replumbed. The new water system is 100% commercial grade "Pex". Filter is for the entire house, all plumbing fixtures get clean water.

Electrical -New wiring thru out, underground 600-amp power to the building, and 200-amp undergrounds to the shed.

Each floor equipped with a 200-amp panel, ensuring not packed to 100% capacity. Lots of room, and not at risk of being over utilized. We also installed 100-amp sub panel in the commercial space in the basement. Also, in the basement the electrical system is staged for expansion to support any new commercial endeavor.

Bathrooms(10) New fixtures, new valves, new sub floors, new flooring, all vents ducted too the exterior. Everything in these spaces is 100% new! In the commercial space, there are 2 bathrooms staged for if and when needed, the pipes are waiting.

Roofing shingles -New decking, and new 50-year TAMKO shingles.

Closed cell insulation -The entire building exterior walls and roof have been completely filled with soy based closed cell foam, thereby maximizing the thermal protection.

Alarm: 24 hour monitoring, heat, smoke, motion, and microwave detection to reduce false alarms. 


Refinished all the original floors

Lightning suppression  The system has 5 drops to the earth below, for maximum protection. As well as grounded to the electrical systems to protect it as well.

Sewage treatment plant  This is a massive system. Capable of supporting 2 kitchens, and 10 bathrooms. In case the commercial level needs a kitchen, bathrooms. It also has a 1,000-gallon grease trap to protect the system from kitchen grease. In reserve is an additional 3,400 linear feet of drain field in case future expansion is needed. With a little effort, it can be demonstrated that the system is no where near running at or near capacity. This is how the attic would become a bedroom, or office!

3.5-acre adjacent river parcel. We bought this to provide river access, a campground, and boat launching ability if needed



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Hotel plan as of 4 25 2021 0.jpg
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