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Huge group of 23

This was the huge group of 23, one tour group of 8, another tour group of 4, the Oaken boys(7th visit from Wisconsin).

one more guy, the camera guy and the interview girl and her dad, dawn and her son, and his friend alec, myself and allen.

Here’s some of the major things I remember.

  • The girl’s dad, got touched in room #4. As he was leaving, caught a EVP saying ""don't go.

  • The Oaken’s had an oviolus and it said something about being sad when the dad was leaving.

  • One of the Oaken’s digital recorders disappeared from in the slave room. We searched the entire hotel and could not find it. Later in the night it reappeared in the original spot where at least 6 people had looked for it.

  • Alec was scratched again. Once in the slave room and once in the cistern room. He gets scratched everytime he enters?

  • Alec had a long conversation with a spirit using the dowsing rods in the slave room.

  • One of the girls in the attic was talking to Annabelle and getting responses on the k2. She also sang downstairs in the little girls room and had the k2 and flashlight respond.

  • A man in the group was saying something followed him up the stairs, he got scared and sat in his car...

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