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Ball rolled by me across the room, it stops, minutes go by it starts again and rolled back to me” YI

We were investigating on the 2nd floor bay window room, and we were getting some good activity with the flashlight going on and off, and k2 meters flashing red. A guest was sitting in a chair when she felt a breeze on her neck. She couldn’t find the source so she just blew it off. After 2 more times of feeling like someone blowing on her neck, she decided to have her husband sit there to see if he could feel anything. The breeze never came back.

Soon after, Meghan was standing in the middle of the room and claimed something yanked on her hair. Seemed to us a spirit was trying to get some attention.

At the end of the tour the group wanted to try the attic again being as that’s where we had the most k2 readings. They went up alone and Sat down. They asked Annabelle if she wanted to play ball so she rolled it across the room. It came to a stop on a chair leg and they left it.

Flashlights were turned off and they were sitting quiet. She said a few min went by and she felt something hit her leg. When she turned on her flashlight the ball had rolled back across the room, right to her. No one was around the ball for it to roll back to her from a stand still position. NO EXPLANATION.

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