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Friday, 8-10 pm

Group of 4 plus 2 guides

For the superstitious, we were greeted by a black cat after we parked in front of the hotel. Keith was moving in every direction to stay out of its path when it strolled over to meet us. I, on the other hand, pet it. When the tour group pulled up they also saw the black cat and commented “is this a sign of things to come tonight?” With that being said I had to talk one of the guests out of the back seat of her dad’s locked car.

Sitting in the dining room discussing the history of the property we all heard a metal clank noise come from the basement. We proceeded to the basement to start the tour of the house and investigate the noise.

Basement/slave quarters – guest felt arm lightly touched.

1st floor bay window room – K2 flash up to yellow. Guest asked me to take a picture of their group standing in the bay window. While waiting for them to get lined up, the camera took 2 pictures by itself. They said hey we aren’t ready, I stated I did not do that; my thumb is on the case waiting for you to get lined up. Keith explained to them that is not an odd occurrence in this house. Several camera malfunctions have happened in the past. Now we were set and ready when looking through the camera screen a streak of light passed by the lens, Keith also saw this as he was standing next to me looking at the screen. We all immediately stopped and looked in the direction it flew for a moth and could not find one.

2nd floor big bedroom – 2 guests smelled a sweet floral scent and it was quickly gone, no windows were open in the house.

2nd floor hallway – K2 meters flashing outside the big bedroom, 2 different people reporting headaches & head pressure. So we proceeded to the attic and their heads felt fine once exiting the 2nd floor.

Attic – guests uncomfortable in the small room, one said it felt like something was blocking the doorway which stopped him in his tracks.

K2 meter flashing up to orange sitting on the floor by the toys. Keith picked up a ball and tossed it asking any sprit to toss it back to him. It hit my leg and rolled to the 2nd floor. I asked do you want me to go get the ball? The K2 flashed a few times to yellow. After retrieving the ball from the 2nd floor upon entry back up into the attic, felt the back of my arm get touched. A young girl later reported her arm also touched, said it felt like something brushed her arm.

Several orbs and white light streaks in pictures taken in the attic, mainly from the small room.

We decided to go downstairs and walking toward the steps K2 meters were lighting up to red.

1st floor piano room – Keith sat on blue couch and felt the back of his hair messed with. Like fingers running through hair on the base of his neck. Also used mag light flashlights to ask questions and the flashlights turned on and off to respond.

One guest stepped outside to take pictures of the front of the house and captured a white mist on the front balcony. (awaiting for pics to share).

1st floor dining room– we all sat to do a dowsing rod session, I demonstrated how to use the rods. Very anxious to try them I handed them over to a female guest sitting next to me. She said you ask the questions Dawn I just want to hold them. I proceeded with the normal start up questions of is anyone in here? Please cross the rods for yes. Are you a female? Each time they crossed. Others in the group were amazed and couldn’t believe these rods were moving as the girl holding the rods swore she was not moving and she was not. I then asked can you point the rods to Keith and slowly but surely they pointed at him. I then asked to point them toward the piano room and again they pointed to where I asked each time. We continued for a while using the rods and getting yes and no answers to several questions until the guest needed a break from holding them. Keith reported a cold breeze across his face and sitting on the gold couch something was pushing on his shoulders, he said like a child trying to climb on him to sit on his shoulders.

Three guests decided to go to the attic while three of us stayed in the dining room using mag lights and dowsing rods. Keith said he has been poked in the side and touched all night long. We wanted to find out why and who was doing this to him. With the mag light set up on the display case when he asked Annabelle have you been touching me all night? The light quickly turned on very bright!

Later the three people in the attic came running down the flights of steps. They got freaked out sitting the small room. They were using the dowsing rods asking questions and not getting replies, they then asked “are you crazy?” the rods split apart in opposite directions and K2 meters starting flashing up to red. They felt very uncomfortable and hightailed it out of there.

Basement/slave quarters – we finished out the night with one more investigation in the basement. When asked – is anyone in here with us the plywood wall that separates the slave quarters into 2 rooms shook and vibrated, all of us jumped! We continue to ask questions and had the mag lights set up on the concrete block on the floor. Were you a slave? No response. Are you mulatto? Light came on. Are you female? Light came on. Do you know John Morse? Light came on and strobe. The reason these particular questions were asked per the 1850 slave schedule, John Morse had one female mulatto woman 41 years old.

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