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Saturday June 28, 2015 8:00 pm

Group of 6, 3 mothers and their 3 daughters.

Basement – in the slave quarters maglight flashlight was demonstrated. When asked to turn it on the spirit complied. All the woman gasped in amazement. Asked are you a man? Flashlight came on and turned off. I talked a bit of history and when we were preparing to leave the room I asked if we come back later will you turn the flashlight on again? It came on, we thanked whoever turned it on and left. One of the young girls commented that was terrifying.

1st floor – in the bay window room one young girl had K2 spikes up to orange.

2nd floor – bay window room. not at the time it happened but later a girl told the group she didn’t like this room, only one of her arms became burning hot and she was uncomfortable.

Attic – K2 spikes upon entry to the attic and collecting toys that were scattered about the room. Maglights were responding to questions and K2 spikes to yellow.

Piano room – while alone getting the dowsing rods and spirit box to take upstairs to the guests, K2 meter flashed twice to red.

2nd floor bay window room – We went back to the second floor bay window room and used dowsing rods. They were not responding all that well so we were going to try the spirit box. Everyone was sitting on the floor in a circle while I was in a chair getting the spirit box ready. 2 very loud footsteps came from the room next to us. The women jumped closer to each other and I asked whoever made the footsteps would they join us in this room? The guests said “no! no don’t ask that!”

Basement – the group went to investigate the basement again and reported K2 in the slave quarters and also coming up the steps from the basement into the hallway upon entry to the first floor hallway. Did something follow them?

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