"We saw a light shoot across the room"!

K2 activity when we first arrived in house, followed as we walked through and did tour at beginning, really liked one guy, stayed lit most of the time for him.

Attic-K2 and flashlight activity, even on the staircase

1st floor-Dawn and I were sitting in chairs by door while group was upstairs we heard a voice/moan and I felt like my legs were being touched, we saw a light shoot across the room, dowsing rods were responding to questions

2nd floor-K2 and dowsing rod activity with the group, also K2 activity in the bay window room and hall, little girl playing duck, duck, goose with group

Basement-flashlight responses in slave room area, answering yes/no questions, couple saw black shadow, one lady felt like she was touched


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I knew living here it was only a matter of time!

1st let me explain the bedrooms, and how we sleep in this creepy place! My son, 3 dogs, 3 cats all sleep directly below the "Grumpy mans room", on the first floor. I get up at 3, and I'm not exactly a

Saturday 11/21 8pm Tour!

1 woman's hair was being touched in the Attic, she reluctantly entered the Crabby Mans room and conveyed she was immediately stricken with severe sadness-which vanished upon leaving the bedroom. Anoth

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