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Crazy activity: equipment taken over and operating on it’s own?

10/17/15 8-10pm (10 people)

Attic-K2 and flashlight, lots of movement of dowsing rods, one guy sat on floor and told the little girl she could bounce on his knee like his little girl when he gave her a horse ride, the K2’s went crazy and stayed red anywhere near him

1st floor- flashlight going on/off while sitting on staircase, K2 in room floor, lit up to red when talking about drinking and dancing, knocking coming from second floor in response to us knocking on first floor

2nd floor-K2 was lighting but stopped after there was a guy outside yelling, no more activity on that floor for the rest of the tour

Basement-flashlight going on/off to questions, K2 coming down steps into basement and across to fireplace

10:30-12:30 (8 people)

Attic-flashlight and k2 going on/off but no real response

1st floor-phone taking pictures on its own, flashlight going on/off while sitting on staircase

2nd floor-k2 on landing of second floor, flashlight going on/off, two different pictures with orb/mist type lighting through picture, when guy would whistle the k2 would light up to red

Basement-flashlight going on/off in response to questions, girl took video of flashlight, when she listened back there is a man’s voice, only 3 females in room when recording made, she sent to Dawn.

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