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Woman(very brave)visits 2nd time, gets touched again and then some? Photo included?

Hi Patrick,

I am Loretta’s daughter Angie.

We were in the attic, my mom was holding a K2 meter, she was standing in the middle of room. I was taking pictures (3 at a time).

My mom was not provoking. She did ask the question, ” Does the light from the cameras bother you?” I took 3 photos as she did this.

In a matter of seconds, I noticed my mom grabbed her neck, “I asked her what was wrong?” ( I was still taking pictures). She stated that her neck was burning, I think I got scratched! When I went to my mom, she had 3 tiny scratch marks on the back of her neck. I sent photos to Dawn.

There was a guy there, He came over and looked at mom’s neck. He went and got Dawn.

While we were in the attic, explaining what had happened, my mom was scratched again on the right side of her neck, this scratch just left a red mark,was not as bad as the one on the back of her neck.

Dawn escorted my mom downstairs, where she stayed until our tour was over.

This was our second tour of Morse Mill, on our first tour, my mom was touched on the leg. I also have photos of that tour.

I am sending Dawn a cd of all the photos I took that night. I have captured some pretty interesting things in most of them.

We are for sure coming back next year.


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