“They heard footsteps and the chain rattle in the slave room”.

  • When the hotel was first opened, upon entry the k2’s were set on the display case they were going off and on constantly. Something was in the room.

  • As I was giving history of hotel I felt like someone lifted the back of my necklace and let it drop back down.

  • As we moved through the hotel on the tour we felt the cobweb sensation even thought when we looked we couldn’t find any cobwebs.

  • While we were standing in the prostitutes room Alexis felt like her thigh was very cold, she had on shorts and it only lasted in that room.

  • We had some activity in the dining room with the dosing rods. The dowsing rods were moving but not as much as normal and not to answer questions. I had Alexis and Ryan walk through the hotel alone to see if they could get any responses on the k2’s or anything. They walked around but didn’t get anything on the first, second or attic floors. Then I sent them to the basement. They stopped at the bottom of the steps in the fireplace room, they heard footsteps and the chain rattle in the slave room.

  • As they came back to the first floor Ryan felt cold on his ankles like someone touched them or cold air passed by them. I told them let’s go down and see if we can talk to whoever moved the chain. We took a flashlight and laid it on the shackle block, as we talked about the hotel and the slaves that lived there the flashlight started coming on then going off. It wouldn’t respond to my direct questions but seemed to come on when the conversation we were having could have had a response that the spirit agreed with us. .

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