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Construction worker volunteers, to sleep in the building. Big, tough Texan but now a believer!

  • Shane doesn’t believe in ghosts, well before last week.

  • Tuesday last he focused on the interior demolition, almost complete before we start raising new walls next week.

  • Being skeptic, he sleeps in the Basement, dismissing all noises and thumping coming from the upper floors.

  • Wednesday night, he listens and hears a little girl. Then child size footsteps running back and forth above him.

  • He starts paying attention, at this point.

  • The guides take him upstairs, and call out the resident spirits.

  • Shane in the Bay Window room, “freaks” something walked thru him. Then as he and other guests watched, in amazement as the ball in the attic rolled, stopped and rolled again.

  • Shane skips the investigation, and 20 minutes into the 2 hr leaves for the campground.

  • Shane sleeps at the campground, when on site. Doesn’t work at night. Doesn’t joke anymore.

  • Another skeptic cured!

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