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Sunday, middle of the afternoon. “We were being followed”.

Sunday Afternoon at 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Fireplace room – K2 hits up to green and yellow.

Piano room- heard footsteps above us on the 2nd floor.

2nd floor bay window room –we all heard the sound of a door slam from downstairs. It was so loud I was yelling down the steps asking if someone came in the house. The exterior doors were locked. We also heard three footsteps in the attic.

2nd floor bedroom across from bay window room – several K2 hits up to yellow and red, which continued on our walk down the hall, we were being followed.

Small room in Attic – K2 hits up to orange.

The group split up to explore, Guide went on the first floor alone, the group stayed in the attic. The following was reported:

Piano Room- Man’s voice captured on digital recorder, he whispered. Had many friends listen and I did not say what I think it is, they heard the same thing I did “murder”.


1st floor room #4 –I sat in this room alone and used the dowsing rods with great success. The rods crossed and un-crossed responding to questions. Also pointed towards furniture in the dining room when asked to do so.

Attic –guests came down from attic and asked me if I said Hi to someone, I had not. They heard a female say Hi in the attic. also had responses using the mag light, received K2 hits up to red, when asked for yellow it would light up to yellow.

Dining room – We discussed all going into the basement together when we were getting K2 hits up to red, yellow and orange so decided to stay and set up a mag light and use dowsing rods. We spent approximately 40 minutes in this room. We experienced several K2 hits, heard male and female voices, footsteps on the stairs and the mag light turned on and off when asked to do so. One guest had never used the dowsing rods and received responses crossing and un-crossing to questions asked. Also the rods would point and follow one female quest. While she was standing she felt a push, she said it felt like a child’s hands push her on her rump.

We heard a man’s voice come from upstairs but couldn’t understand what he said.


The following evp told us “edward’s gone!”


Slave quarters – the last place we investigated we received mag light responses to questions.

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