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Attic – camera taking pictures by itself.

6 visitors 8pm-10pm

K2 meters lighting up to red and visitors camera took pictures by itself all night, whether it was in their hand or setting on a chair or couch, it randomly flashed! The guest said this has never happened before.

Piano room- K2 meters lighting up to red.

Fireplace room – K2 meters and guests camera took random pictures while it was sitting on a chair.

1st floor bay window room – all K2’s lit up to second green button, asked for yellow and received yellow. A guest asked “are you happy about the renovations?” the K2 lit up to second green button.

1st floor room #4 – asked the men to step out into hall, then we received a K2 hit.

Kitchen – a lot of K2 activity all over this room with all 3 K2 meters.

2nd floor bay window room – K2 hits up to second green button and all the way up to red, again guests camera taking pictures by itself.

Attic – camera taking pictures by itself.

The group split up to explore the following was reported:

2nd floor big bedroom – K2 hits when asked for them up to second green and yellow. One person felt pressure on their head in this room and had to leave 2nd floor completely, pressure was gone upon entry to 1st floor.

Slave quarters – maglight turned on and off by itself once and wouldn’t do it again.

Fireplace room – when asked “is there anybody in here with us?” the maglight quickly turned on, asked to please turn it off and it went off.

Piano room – set up maglight on the display case and asked several questions, maglight turned on and off responding each time. Also K2 hits up to red in this room.

Dining room – a man felt a cold breeze sit next to him and asked for the dowsing rods (K2 meter also lighting up).

The rods crossed successfully to questions and it was determined the spirit was a Mulatto Woman. A female guest standing in the doorway asked what is Mulatto, after I explained, she said I have a Mulatto son and the rods pointed directly at her. Also the man holding the rods had dated a Mulatto girl, when I said that, the rods swung around to touch both his arms.

The guests had left and we were packing up our things when Keith knocked on the wall in the dining room 3 times and asked for a knock back. We waited, listened and received 2 faint knocks back from upstairs. He walked over to the staircase and knocked 3 times again on the banister and again asked for a knock back. Neither one of us heard anything with the second request. We were very happy about someone giving us 2 knocks back with the first request.

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