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We all gasped in amazement and looked at each other with eyes wide open verifying none of us moved.

\8 guests, 2 guides 8pm-10pm

1st Floor – Several K2 hits in room #4. A female guest had goose bumps and her hands were tingling, her K2 meter was the only one reacting.

1st Floor Hallway – K2 in hallway. I asked “are you going to follow us through the house tonight?” We all heard 2 knocks. We stopped to listen; one guest said he felt the knocks under his feet. Then two more knocks. We all gasped in amazement and looked at each other with eyes wide open verifying none of us moved. We stood completely still and asked “can you do that again?” one lighter knock was heard. Then two louder, strong knocks heard and felt under our feet. I asked “are you trying to scare us?” One knocks back. I then asked “did you want me to open your room?” no response. We stood there talking about this event going on for a few minutes when we again heard and felt 2 very loud, very hard knocks. The room underneath us was the cistern/sunroom; I did not open this room tonight. We discussed it felt like someone was in that room beating on the ceiling with a 2×4.

We were receiving a lot of K2 hits while this knocking/banging under our feet was happening. I asked “if you want me to open the room knock twice please”, no response. We waited awhile, three minutes or longer, stood quietly and thought it was done. We discussed finishing walking through the house, going up to the 2nd floor. 5 LOUD knocks!! We stayed. I asked “do you want us to come back after we finish walking through the rest of the house?” K2 hits up to orange. We had to investigate this further.

Two guys went outside to look in through the door and windows where the knocks were coming from. It was still light outside, they could see in without any problem. They could hear the knocks outside the same time we heard them inside. They couldn’t see anything but they could hear it, asked us if we were moving, we yelled out no one has moved!

Camera malfunctions were happening also while we were in this hallway. Another loud hard knock was heard and felt. While all of this was going on, it was still light outside and we had plenty of light inside watching each other stand completely still in disbelief! We heard a lighter knock come from the area of the bay window room, seconds later another hard knock was heard and felt again. I knelt on the floor where we could feel the knocks coming from; I knocked on the floor, “shave and a haircut” and asked “can you finish this for me?” 90 seconds later “knock, knock”!!

The two guys that were outside had come back in to join us. One admitted he is a skeptic but he couldn’t see what or how these mysterious bangs were happening right under our feet. We walked up and down the hall listening to our own footsteps, trying to compare or find an explanation. We found one creaky, loose board, but it sounded nothing like what we had been hearing and getting responses from. Besides we all stood perfectly still, not even shifting our body weight from one foot to the other. Every time we talked about leaving the hallway, we would hear and feel several knocks!

After all this I HAD to open the room beneath us. We inspected the ceiling and found nothing that could have been making the banging and knocking we all experienced.

2nd Floor – We walked through the rest of the house and had some K2 hits at the end of hall toward the front of house.

Attic – K2 hits when we were trying to leave the attic, guess the spirit didn’t want us to go!

Dining Room & Piano Room – four different guests took turns using the dowsing rods. This was a first for each of them. All experienced the rods crossing and pushing apart answering questions. One female guest had both rods swing back to touch each of her arms. One guide sat alone in the piano room while we were using downing rods in dining room and had maglight activity sitting on the couch by the piano.

The knocking was amazing, very loud!

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