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Friday 10/27 was Sheriff's, 911 dispatcher, and Ambulance drivers night...footsteps, voices, dir

Eyewitness #1

Yes busy night to say the least, many footsteps and a shuffling noise, voices, knocking.

The guide said it was as if they entered the empty building, shut off the alarm, and a group was already inside, moving about.

We also used a voice detector, and we heard randomly occurring conversations-people talking....

We sat in prostitutes room, and asked if she wants us girls to leave, seconds later over the voice recorder, ""Yes, I do".

The 5 of us were the only people there, and we stood motionless. The noises were in the building, but in the other room. It's gutted, and well on it's way to becoming a Bed & Breakfast. No water, no electric, nothing. No possible way it was rigged....

I knew when I walked in....just a different feeling I got..I just knew...We didn't provoke, you don't need to.

We asked questions, and our flashlights would flicker to answer. 2 small flashlights were brought there by us, and set upon the floor. UNTOUCHED by us. Every time the flashlight would flicker, my K2 would rank orange.

It was definitely the most real experience I've ever felt.

Eyewitness #2

Absolutly, it's real!

I have spent many hours in the building. The footsteps were not ours. We all were standing together, motionless. We heard footsteps, and stood quietly. They were clearly footsteps, up on the second floor.

Everything posted happened, and is absolutly true.

If we can debunk, we would.


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