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"It was our first investigation at this place, and it was one to talk about".

It was our first investigation at this place and it was a doozy.

Our conditions were absolutely perfect - the building had zero power, it was incredibly hot during the day and a horrible thunderstorm hit that evening all kinds of lightening.

The lightening charged the atmosphere and for a 3 second period a ghost of a small child with long golden hair appeared on the stairs peeking through the rungs down in Lou's direction.

I was at the bottom of the stairs filming the staircase with a Sony night vision cam corder that did not pick up her image but I saw her clear as day.

When she disappeared I looked at Lou he was shocked I asked what he had seen he replied a little girl... I said I saw her to , she had curly long blonde hair- he face said it all.

He had seen the same girl.

The cam corder had zero evidence except where you hear me gasp at the exact moment I saw her and a few seconds

Later you hear Lou comparing notes with me.

Oh and we were so caught up in this moment a tornado ripped apart a farm and church less than 1000 feet from the building. We never knew it was there.

This girl has been seen on several occasions, her name is "Annabelle" . It is believed she died of influenza. This is the second time seen on the kitchen stairs, during a lightning storm. Both times blonde hair, pigtails, yellow dress.

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