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Saturday 8pm, end of summer-lot’s of creepy stuff!!

8-10 pm K2 meters– young male guests meter pegged to yellow in the hallway on the second floor; in the attic one meter pegged to the second green, as one meter was being lowered to be set on the floor by the toys the meter flashed to orange before actually being set on the floor was a child sitting there? walking toward the small room in the attic meter flashed to yellow; in the dining room two men sitting having a casual conversation regarding their occupations had K2 flashing up to red; piano room pegged to orange while gathering dowsing rods and other equipment;

2nd floor middle room on the left toward the back of the house 3 people had pegs to yellow.

Dowsing Rods – used successfully by several different guests (6) in the bay window room on the second floor.

Mag light flashlight – turned on and off responding to questions in the basement slave quarters different time throughout the night for all of us as a group and for smaller groups visiting the room.

Also in the piano room a light was set on the display case and turned on an off by itself.

Spirit box – used in the basement slave room, we all heard a woman cry out and say noooo!

Touching/cold chills – on the first floor in the room next to the bay window room one male guest asked if we have ghosts of pets, he said it felt like a cat rubbing against his leg.

A cold chill was experienced walking out of the basement slave room. August, 89 degrees outside, and we could see our breathe as we walked thru a area that felt like a freezer.

Orbs/shadows – one woman saw an orb in the basement slave room with her naked eye; very unique event.on the second floor looking through a video camera three guests saw orbs fly by in front of the lens, we checked for moths or another type of insect in the room and could not find any.

A dark discoloration also appeared through the lens of a camera on the floor that changed shape. It moved slowly, we could not see it with the naked eye, only through the camera. It made the floor appear as if it were wet.The gentleman holding the camera did not move it as the shape slithered back into the wall and disappeared.

Dizziness – an adult female experienced feeling of dread upon entry to the 2nd floor and also light headed dizzy feeling in the hallway toward the front of the house on this floor.

Noises – a banging noise was heard by the entire group while were we standing in the dining room preparing to go up the steps to the 2nd floor. We determined it came from the 2nd floor toward the back of the house.

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