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Group of 8 10:30pm

Basement – slave quarters, mag light flashlight turned on twice and turned off when asked.

2nd floor – a freezing cold chill was felt walking out of the big bedroom. K2 spike to yellow in the hallway right after the guests walked through the chill.

Attic – maglight was used with it turning on and off responding to questions.

The group spilt up and the following experiences were reported:

Dining room – dowsing rods used by five different people, each one having excellent luck of the rods crossing and uncrossing answering questions. While one guest was using them a truck pulled up in front of the house and shined its bright lights into the window. Unknown to me until I was told, both rods followed me as I walked through the dining room into the piano room toward the front door to check out the truck disturbing us. The girls stated the rods went exactly with my movement and just pointed at the next room where I was standing.

K2 meters were busy for this group, spikes up to orange and red in the piano room and throughout the 2nd floor. Two of the three guests had K2 activity in the big bedroom. Also while on the 2nd floor female guest reported a ball of light coming at her while looking through her camera lens to take a picture.

Outside – in front of the house by the steps on the street, a male guest reported a cold chill down his back followed shortly by a white misty ball of light about 2 feet off the ground pass by him and quickly disappear.

Basement – dowsing rods were used in the slave quarters by different groups. The first group stated when the one male guest left the room, one rod pointed and followed him as he walked out. Later all the men went together and had all of their questions answered with the rods crossing and pushing apart. They later asked me of any animal ghosts in the building, they reported what looked like a cat walk in front of them and one man who didn’t see it reacted to it by a shiver and cold chill as the apparition was in front of him.

Piano room – all the women stayed in the piano room while the men were in the basement. We received a lot of K2 spikes flashing up to orange and red. When we asked for red, it would flash to red, otherwise it was flashing to orange.

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