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A car load of dancers, 3 sisters, ranging from high school to college age. The only boy in the tribe, was 15.

And a "super mom", cracking the whip!!! The type that makes it look easy!!!

Here's what was shared the next morning, as they had breakfast.

They took Grumpy' s, and Annabel's room..

They heard footsteps in the attic above them. After being in the building only 10 minutes.

GRUMPY'S ROOM @ 1AM: Something was turning the bedroom knob, and trying to open the door..

We added a small ball, that you set on the floor to the hunting box.

If energy touches it it will light up, and roll.

ATTIC: It moved on it's own 7 times, the clear energy ball....

ANNABEL'S : The tub, and sink both turned on simultaneously and ran water briefly.

The super mom, was in bed I think Anabelle's room, not sure.

And something snapped it's fingers around her head. Like it was trying to get her attention.

A low deep moaning was heard!

This is a brave, beautiful family that visited.

They are always welcome back here.

They will go far in life, I am sure!

Given they are fearless.


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