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A local step forward to share her experiences with this old building.

My name is Leslie. "T", If you are from around this area, you probably will recognize My last name my father John "T" lived in the hotel for a short time when I was a child, I remember I went there, and he showed me his room and he showed me the room not to go into right next to his. He also talked about hearing piano, music and chairs moving at night, but I only saw that first level. Then when I was about 15 on Halloween, me and my young boyfriend at the time were bored and we saw a bonfire outside and we stopped and asked if we could go in and we received the drunken tour. But I've always admired that place and I've always been very curious about it. I live right up the street right by Klondike and grew up going to Morse mill for the "Big River" since before even I was born. I know that I read you are selling it. That's unfortunate. I was very excited about having something good for the community, like a bed and breakfast and such history they would bring I think good positivity to this area. If it isn't too much to ask sometime, I would love to see the renovations you have done or take a tour or something before it's sold. Or I mean I love to buy it but I cannot afford it living in this area my whole life and not being a familiar as I want to be with something as significant as the hotel bothers me, and I had appreciated any more information or willingness to let me explore it with you. I remember seeing the large hole in the basement for, but I didn't know there was a tunnel attached. I would love to adventure there. Also, I'm not so interested in the ghost. I don't want to bother them either. I just want to see it driving by it so much. It's like forbidden fruit. You can text or call me at 636---------- or email me back here or even add me on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

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