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In the basement, during the day!

In the basement, briefly we saw what can only be described as a white mist but more

like white cotton, it's strange I know but it was not smoke like, more like a stringy substance.

It was behind the wood stove, and barely above the ground.

I've seen this before, looking up at the walk out deck above the bay window. Exact same look, just farther away?

It's not solid, but not smoke looking. It's like cotton candy consistency.

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Exactly! Thicker than mist.


Julie Chagnon
Julie Chagnon
Feb 24, 2021

I had similar experiences when I rented a home years ago in Cedar Hill. Almost like mist, but not. In my case, the woman had died in the home she loved for so many years. My sons are now grown men, but my youngest was a baby. He would giggle and point toward the ceiling, staring at it for a long while. She was a good spirit. She liked to move things around in the kitchen. I’d say “ok Mary, thank you“ ... everything was great until we were about to leave. She didn’t want us leaving. That’s when she took to opening cabinets at night, and arranging chairs.

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