​Guided TourThis requires scheduling by phone, text@636.221.0284 or


We will walk you thru the building, and show you the areas that are historically active. We will provide insight into what has been successful in the past, when looking for Paranormal activity. We'll then let you go it alone, if your brave enough!


Our intent is to do our best to exposé you to paranormal activity. The fee for 2 hours $75 per person.


Group discount 6 or more people $70 per person. Extra hrs., $25 each hour per person. This fee is for exclusive access, in other words no other people will be booked at this time.


I know that most people prefer to have the property to themselves, and not share their time with others

  • No Ouija boards

  • No Alcohol while hunting!

  • No witchcraft, or white magic.

  • Pay close attention to your sense.

  • No smoking , within 20 ft of the building.

  • No provoking, and or obnoxious behavior.

  • Tours should start 30 minutes prior to sundown. 

  • Bring cameras, phones fully charged. Take pictures in sets of 3.​

          Yes, this can get a little scary-but that's what you came for right?