"The Real Haunted House "

SCHEDULING: Pick a 1st, and a 2nd alternate date. Call, or text to confirm your visit!! 636.221.0284. Plan for 30 minutes prior to sundown, for a total of 2 hrs;

PRE ARRIVAL BRIEFING: Ensure everyone your bringing is virus free, wearing a mask, and knows this is real, real ghosts, real activity. I've seen enough "truly scared" big talk type of men, don't bring anyone here as a joke or prank. It won't go as you expect.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Try to have everyone at the hotel 15 minutes prior entry time, get your cameras, phones ready. Ideally you'll be asked to start 30 minutes prior to sundown. If you need to talk, do so now prior to entry. Because upon entry for the 1st ten minutes, silence while your team walks thru, taking pictures(in sets of 3). It's not unusual to have activity start as you enter the spirits domain. Keep in mind where your team is, so when you hear a small pair of feet run across the attic. Be patient! Ask for them to excuse your uninvited entry into their house. We'll start with a walking tour, to get you familiar with the 3 floors. Then if your brave enough, time to meet a spirit! This is one haunted Hotel, that is real and we'll give you 2 hrs.' to try. REMEMBER This is not some fake, actor filled, fake blood made for the Disney Channel.

BOOKING: Contact@morsemillhotel.com to set up your visit or call 636.221.0284.

$75 for 1 person.

$65 each for 2 to 3 people.

$60 each for 4 to 6 people.

$55 each for 8 people.

Maximum is 8 people.

Tours will run 1 time per night.


SENSES: Pay close attention to your senses.

POLITE:  No witchcraft, provoking or rudeness.
SMOKING: No smoking , within 20 ft of the building.

DATE: Have 2 dates in mind, Saturdays being the busiest.

BATTERIES: Bring cameras, phones fully charged. Take pictures in sets of 3.​