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1/08/2021, One guest heard footsteps of a child behind him. .

His date couldn't make it.

But he did.

Friday night, the dowsing rods in the Bay Window room went crazy. They crossed to answer yes when I asked if the spirit of a women was in the room with me. I then asked “are you a man?” The rods pushed apart to answer no.

I then asked if the spirits name was Vi & the rods crossed again. A test I do to insure the spirit is Vi , I ask her to cross the rods when I say her hair color, as always, she crossed when I said red. This is the prostitute from the 1st floor. "What the guide isn't telling you, is this spirit came home with the guide once and eventually returned-only after her husband saw her on their outside in the bushes on the property!

" Never invite them to come home with you!!!

Attic- the mag light was very active turning on & off answering questions.

We believed we had more than one spirit with us. Using the spirit box we heard a couple different voices come through.

One guest heard footsteps of a child behind him.

Later we heard heavy footsteps, they sounded like they were coming up the steps & into the attic.

Slave quarters - mag light turning on & off responding to questions.

The rem pod was set in the floor & pegged beeping for quite a while. We also used the spirit box here & heard a man’s voice come through.

We finished the night in the crabby man’s room, the guide had an uneasy feeling in this room & became dizzy.

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