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1PM 2nd floor, white image passed in front of the window.

I just remembered something else about the white figure, substantially bigger than a 12 year old it was not Annabel.

In the last few weeks we've been carefully opening floors and improving the air conditioning efficiency by insulating and ensuring no small air leaks.. This means opening floors, since we started this tedious process we've noticed we are seeing a glimpse of the white figure in Annabel's suite, and the Attic. I will share one thing, normally this happens in a flash. But this was moving normal speed, no flash, like it wanted to be seen?

The shadow or dark figure is more elusive, I've only caught a glimpse of that one, and it's been outside. It seems to be always as it's darting around a corner.

Nothing in the middle of the night! It's interesting, there has been an usually quite last few weeks, at night. On the 1st floor it's quiet. Guests staying on the 2nd floor, business as usual...touching, footsteps, EVP's, running, laughing.

Last weekend we had 2 teenagers, and a mom. They said nothing, showed no emotion, never asked to receive a sign, they basically sat silent and predictably nothing happens. Business as usual, night before 4 hardcore investigators got all kinds of activity, report to follow...they got what they asked for..

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