2 guests out of Nebraska, 1 guide, 1 Doberman puppy!

2/22/20 tour:

The guests were great, fun couple from out of state. We had a noisy night, the spirts were moving about the building.

Highlights: Kate heard a man speak 3 words as she descended the attic steps & reached the 2nd floor. She did not understand his muttered words.

Her husband John heard hissing as he stopped in the doorway to the 1st floor bay window room. Kate & I were in the room, John & Ruger (Doberman puppy) stooped in their tracks as neither wanted to cross the threshold. John eventually did, Ruger stayed in the hallway.

In the basement dungeon almost simultaneously Kate said “something is in here”; John said “something is behind me”; Ruger was staring at John & gave two low “woofs”. This was the only time he barked during the 4 hours. John felt a hand slide up his back & he stated he is freezing. Kate & I stepped behind him, on his right side the air was chilled, much colder than anywhere else around him.
More to follow!

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