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I have to say that by far This has been the most exciting, emotional, chilling experience I have eve

Where to begin … I have to say that by far this has been the most exciting, emotional, chilling experience I have ever had.

I love the house.. I love the architecture and the history of the house. Very much looking forward to staying the night when the house is complete.

My experience was very interesting to say the least, the night started very calm and not alot of activity until we got to Vi’s room and started using the rods.. something or someone took a liking to me as the rods seemed to follow wherever I went

in the room … even starting “hugging” me at this point cold chills all over my body like I was in the middle of winter …. but in fact very hot and humid night.

At this point we started making contact with someone I believe to be a very dear friend of

my husband and myself.

I cannot describe the feeling as I was overcome with emotions .. sad, happy, shocked, and even a little scared. By far one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had

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