Group of 4 seasoned Investigators, Owner permits investigation while heavy Renovation work is going

I have noticed over the 11 years I've been tracking the Investigations in this bldg. When we work, demo, build walls, replace things, activity escalates basically doubles or triples. But it takes a few days, usually 2 to 5. Well we have been really going strong, and things are really escalating inside, in a Paranormal way! Here's the results of the 1st real hunt, in months, lot's of high tech, and audio to follow, but here's the text.

As the group entered, and stood in dining area they listened. At the top of stairs, 3 loud footsteps, and the floor popped. This was during twilight hours.

The ""Prostitutes" room, suite #2. K2 meters pegged, Then K2 meter lit as questions asked, no questions no K2. Then everyone heard a little girl Giggle, and the room went dead.

High tech, 1300x cameras taken down, repeatedly something kept turning it off, rebooted 4 times. 2nd floor top of stairs, pointing to the front of house.

2 people standing, bottom of Attic stairs. Other 2 in Basement. The guides asked, "Someone make a noise" out loud. Asked can someone knock", and the guide knocked on a stud, and you guessed it. they heard "2 distinctive knocks from the vacant Attic".

Then in the Bay window room, Suite#5 2nd floor.

A mans voice, loud and clear! "Hello".

Audio/Video to follow.


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